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Thursday, July 30, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Congrats to our very own Tika

She officially became a Grandma today to Damien.
He was born at 12:14 am on July 30th & weighs 7lb 11oz and is 20 inches long
He's sooo cute!!!
On behalf of everyone at Cherished Angels I just want shower you with lots of hugs and kisses and well wishes for mom & baby!!!!

PostHeaderIcon Another update!

Just letting you all know that freebie kits/elements have been added back.
Im not sure if Im going to add my PTU kits here or not.
Keep checking back for updates

PostHeaderIcon Freebie Elements - CU

Thought this was cute when I was making it so I decided to offer it up as a freebie.
It comes with:

8 Clouds
1 Lightning Bolt
1 Raindrops
2 Suns
1 Moon
2 Birds


You can use these items commerically so giving credit would be kinda nice.
You however are not obligated.
These are suitable for 12x12 projects or they can be resized for tagger size projects as well.Hope you enjoy them xx

PostHeaderIcon Freebie - Mini Kit

I was throwing things together for a collab kit.
That has since fallen through.
I personally dont think its my best stuff but Im sure someone will like it!
If you do, please feel free to download it. Same tou's apply.
Do not share, rip apart, claim or sell any part for profit.
Grab it from 4shared here
Please leave some love!!

PostHeaderIcon Freebie Kit - Misty Rose

Hey all!! Thought I'd offer up a freebie kit ..Its Called Misty Rose
Its a Full Sized Kit and is for personal use only!
It comes with 10 Papers, 30 Elements @ 300 dpi.
The papers are .jpeg format and the elements are .png format.

You can download from 4shared:

Please leave some love if you do download.
If someone wants the kit, please feel free to direct them to my blog
Enjoy the kit xx

PostHeaderIcon Freebie Kit - Snow Princess

Download via: Rapidshare **links have been fixed**

Download via: 4shared

If you do, please leave some love! Thanks xx
This kit is dedicated to Sharon.
Hope this inspires you xx.

PostHeaderIcon Freebie Kit - When Seasons Change

Download via: Rapidshare Add Image

Download via: 4shared

If you do, please leave some love, thanks!
This kit is dedicated to my dearest friend Tika.
I treasure your frienship so much, thanks for being you.
If you use this kit in a tutorial, Id love to see your results.
Please do not use this kit for profit.
Please do not share the kit, instead send em this way xx.
Please enjoy it!

PostHeaderIcon Freebie Kit - Clarey's Colors

This kit is dedicated to Clarey who's been an amazing person to go to for help.
So I hope I've done ya proud.
This kit is a full sized kit and its huge!
I truly believe the preview doesnt do it justice as there's alot of pretty elements not seen.

It comes with the following:
10 papers
12 bows
2 beaded strands
2 butterflies
3 buttons2 cluster frames
2 transparent frames with ribbons
6 flowers
2 threaded hearts
2 hearts
2 lace ribbons
4 ribbons w/ eyelets
12 ribbons
2 torn papers
2 window frames

Download via Rapidshare

PostHeaderIcon Freebie Kit - Spooktacular

Frankly didnt think I had the patience and with so many others doing it, wondered if it was even worth it.
I now understand why Scrap Artists go PTU.
This is my first kit and I hope you enjoy it.
I plan on making more and adding them each weekend to my blog!
This is a full kit with 10 papers and 40 elements.
(All arent shown in the preview)
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my kit!

Download via Rapidshare

PostHeaderIcon Update

Hi and welcome to my new home...which is fittingly called "My Scrappy Life"
I will be working on adding my goodies back soon so please be patient with me.
Stay tuned for my new store as well which is in the works.
Wooot cant wait!!!!

Much Love